Monday, August 10, 2009

my future career

If you were to ask me why i had decided on becoming a Police Officer I will tell you it was not my first choice. I had three things I had wanted an they were Police Officer, Youth Worker, an Social worker. The reason I chose to want to become a police officer can be summed up in one person an that's Dave Dickson, he is a retired Police officer. He has helped my family out all my life, he has supported us, an has shown the characteristics of an amazing Police Officer.
The reason I chose that my goal an dream to become a police officer is because it would hte most difficult goal for someone like me to achieve...And if we looked at my history I have always been known to learn things the hard way, to have always go above an beyond to be a better person. I have had many opportunities to follow the lives of old friends committing crimes, drinking, an drugs, I could've done all those things, wait I had done those things...But somewhere in me I knew I was created for a better purpose, my life was not meant to become this way..

A few years ago when I was a participate in NLGH I had a guest speaker who had told me that I would lead people in spirit an in truth.... and for the first time in my life I believe I know what that looks like...I believe it looks like my life living an following the law, to become a good role model among the city that nearly or couldve destroyed me.
I mean for someone in my state of mind my place in the world, or lack of place in the world unable to be grounded in my life, especially being in my hometown an city I grew up to hate but have come to love after my time away.

All my life I have always loved Police Officers, I have been mistreated by some police officers but it was the crowd or area of town I was living in...But after a while I was introduced sometimes not in the right state of mind...I was introduced to police officers an in getting to know them an their heart for their line of work...These are the reasons I feel I want to become a cop.
I also want to change my peoples outlook on the police force, someone today actually said how awesome it would be if I became the first Aboriginal woman who becomes a Police Chief. I never thought of that..but it could happen..
I feel that my life inspite of the obstacles, the tribulations, an teh oppression that I am capable of accomplishing anything an so I've set my mind on this opportunity to become a cop an I will stop at nothing to get there...I know that I want to better my community, I want to become like Dave Dickson who is a very highly respected police officer, was on the force for 25yrs. an is still dedicated to working on the Downtown Eastside of vancouver. this is a man who has a family, has a home, has an opportunity to turn away from the downtown eastside but refuses to because he knows there's work to be done....
THis is a man I hope to follow in his footsteps...In being a Great Police OFficer, someone for others to turn too, someone to believe in them, to give them a second chance, to show them we are created for so much sometimes it only takes one person one place, one time for someone to change their whole life to becoming a great person to have a purpose to have a hope, to have a dream..

For me that person is not Only Dave Dickson but also my lady.....these two people have given me faith in myself, these two people are the people that are helping me make my dreams come true, one day at a time, one fall but a repeatative to getting up an trying again..

I want to be a leader, I want to be a role model, an I want to change the world starting with my city, my hometown...I want to give hope to those who have none, I want to be a light to those who are in the dark, an I want to honor God in all I do because its by his endless love that guides me now...I will become a police officer, an I will bring my people outta of oppression because this is the reason Im here..

So this is the reason I won't give up....this is the reason I know that I have to become a Police Officer because I know how to better myself, I will have the resources, an faith in all those who don't believe in themselves, an I will have the resources, an strength, an ability to help change our world, our city! I will make it no matter what happens...this is the reason Im alive, this is the reason I feel alive, why I fight to live! I know what I was created for an Im walking in that everyday with Victory!

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