Friday, January 6, 2017

Universe or stalker?

So my last post about everything... as soon as i hit publish she came to my house... It was very awkward and weird.. and of course I was all vulnerable and apologetic for all that she is currently going through.. And as much as I want to be there for her.. I think I'm losing my own mind..

I wish I could say its entirely work related..but it's family, it's friends it everything piling up, and of course not to forget financial issues.. oh and on top of that I'm having to move in about two months. so everything is becoming insane and I'm not sure what I'm going to do.. I just need to focus on what's happening and how terrible everything is... I totally emptied out my savings account, the one that i was saving to fly to Germany.. it's all gone,and I put it all in my credit line and then of course spent it all. so I absolutely have nothing..
Every time I leave my house I'm taking a chance at having nothing to eat, or drink. so I stay home.. and even when I get paid... my money is spent on bills.. but I feel like I need to make change and make a solid decision to be like not going out, not doing this that or the other thing... I eat out a lot, I go out a lot, I pretend I'm rich.. and I'm not.. I wish and hope I can win the lottery... just put all this money issue away.. and focus on the present.. but yeah.. I hear the giggle.. even if it's not money issue, it'd be something else.
I'm feeling overwhelmed and not moving forward..and with that I begin to feel depressed and scared of how I feel. and I feel like things aren't happening fast enough, and my friends and family hear and see nothing.. and that scares me.. to be completely ashamed to say.. you know what I could use this or that today, or I could use a phone a text or coffee or something.. some sort of acknowledgement that even if I'm not having a horrible time like now.. that someone is there thinking of me.. cause at this moment the only person thinking of me... is someone I can't have because we're toxic people... it's like we bring out the worst in one another.

I don't even know what to think of all that.. why think that way? what is it that makes it that way? is it something I do? or the people I attract? even some of my friends are crazy. lol.. but Idk.. I'm in a confusing spot right now and it scares me, because it's continue to the unknown. I need to get something, I need to focus..
My new counsellor... has been interesting and it's been the hardest days ever admitting that I'm back to counselling but it has to help>.. hopefully.
anyway my counsellor was all like... with everything I had going on... she's like... used an analogy about two best friend dogs.. who've been together for such a while, and then you take one dog away and the other dog waits at the door waiting for its friend to come back. basically it takes time to heal, and it takes time to process what I'm going through. and I don't know how to process what I've been through, an why i still feel what I feel for her..
All's I want to say is crazy shi** which i can't because that would mean that I'm caving into whatever I'm feeling and I'm scared to do that... because I don't know.. my friends and family have made up their minds about my relationship with her, because of everything that's happened..and I think with time apart maybe we can change? maybe we can grow?

I just hope whatever it is  i need to do.. I hope I work through it soon.. because right now.. I just want to be like get over here, because I need to not be alone, and I just want to be in her arms, listening to her...tell me what she always does... that's insane.. and IDK!

"till the end of time" Timothy Bloom
Always and forever loved

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