Saturday, July 1, 2017

unknown citizen

I don't think anyone reading would understand an ordeal that I went there so many years ago! I don't know who I was back then, or what it is that's inside of me that wants to die (beast of burden) a darkness hidden within myself..
about 8 yrs ago... i went out to drink with some friends, I was just getting over my ex gf and she happened to be there.. and I wanted her to miss me so bad, or at least be able to handle hanging out with me with no strings attached, or IDK! what I was trying to do. so I decided to buy all the liquor for us all, and I tried to not get wasted.. I tried not to drink so much.. without knowing it.. the liquor had hit me... and everyone wanted me to buy more... and I said no... and that's the last thing I remember...
I woke up in the hospital.. handcuffed to a bed... with a strong urge to pee... i was released from handcuff to pee, and I had asked if someone had hurt me.. what had happened.. next thing I know I'm seeing a plastic surgeon to discuss the 14 inch gash on my arm... and to see if they need to repair something ?
After that... I spent 3 weeks in psychiatric care... I was for the first time... being forced to deal with "the beast" the darkness.. forced to name the thing that was buried within me, that every time I drank that I wanted to die... as I sat in the hospital bed.. IDK if it was the radio on or how I heard this one song...of course! The Rolling Stones "beast of burden" I decided or a light came on.. and I decided that's what my darkness will be called, that's what whatever is inside me that wants to die, that wants to watch the world burn, or wants me to burn.. it's going to be called the beast of burden!

I spent the 3 weeks in the hospital... bandage change every other day.. and I was so ashamed... so utterly ashamed of what had happened that I couldn't look at the wound.. I couldn't bare to see what it was... I did let my lady see it... she came and visited me in the hospital and all. My lady was my anchor and I know that no one is allowed to be given the responsibility... or no one should be put in the light like that, but I was broken! I was shattered and I was seeking, searching, yearning for a purpose.. and to look into her beautiful eyes, to have her wrap her arms around me, or tell me she loved me. nothing could ever be more fulfilling, to know that of all the people in the entire world this woman loved me, she loved me without limits, unconditionally, and without judgement.. she gave up a lot for me, she was there for me for everything..

Anyway... that's the story... of who I was.. the most significant painful thing I've ever done... maybe.. at least one of them..
but... the surgery I had in May of this year... has triggered me...
I'm sorry to the whole world of my friends who don't know that this has been a rocky road... to bring up memories, thoughts, moments that I can't and will never forget...

so I know someone in the police force.... my job allows me to connect with them... and so I decided to ask.. for the first time in 8 yrs.. I asked a police officer about the incident that night..
there was an UNKNOWN CITIZEN that saved my life...
as I stood or sat there bleeding to death on my forearm... this unknown citizen not only came to my aid, they were the one that called police, ambulance!
do you know I was with about 6 people... that night... supposedly my friends.. and not one of them was there with me.. not one of them helped me.. not one of them asked if I survived..

this unknown citizen applied pressure to my wound, and waited with me till help arrived and then that person left the scene.. and the only reason I know this person existed.. was because I called my lady... and I left a message... IDK what the message was, but it was the worst message anyone could ever leave, my lady won't tell me what I said, or what was happening..except to say it haunted her... how horrible the message was. and inspite of that..she said she could hear someone in the back round asking if I needed help, and that they were going to call 911.

SO I decided to ask the police for the report... detailed as can be... because I was blacked out when this all went down.. I don't remember anything... and honestly a part of me is grateful.. because it much.. just writing these words out.. my eyes well up, and my heart thumps harder... because it's hard for me to talk about.

so the police report.. stated that there were three witnesses, who heard me crying screaming and bleeding. there were a couple of people who were allegedly my friends who gave statements stating that I was planing on killing myself.. and that I had cut myself with my work razors..
Unfortunately back then.. I was in construction... and I accidentally left work... that day.. with 100 super sharp razors in my back pocket.. I didn't realize it till I was far away.. I thought I'd be ok with just keeping them in my pocket.. and that was what I used to cut my arm..
1/2 and inch away from my major artery.. I survived..

it's hard to think about.. and yet... honestly... I want it to go Viral. I want that Unknown citizen to know that I survived.. not only did I survive..but that I'm not that person anymore. that i've changed my life... and I don't allow certain people in my life.. because it's not who I am anymore.. and it's sometimes hard to be this person.. but I refuse! I refuse to let "the beast" come to life! I don't care what's going on in my life! I can't let that happen...because I'm fuckin terrified! there's nothing scarier.. no nightmare, no under bed problems, this is the worst fear of my life! to know there is something deep within me, that wants to die! wants to take a blade, a pill, an accident, a bridge, a fall, or wants me to die... the fight within me is tough and sometimes unbearable.
but I can't give up! I was and am here for a reason!
I don't know why I need to write about it...except to say I'm feeling triggered and I'm having a hard time right now... and I know people think "Just get over it" imagine where I was, and how it feels, and wait..don't imagine! just let me feel what I feel...and work through it..or not.. work through it. let me fail or succeed whatever I do.. it's on me..

To the Unknown Citizen
Thank you for saving my life!

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