Sunday, April 24, 2016

Moving Forward

its insane that it's been 4 months since I started my new job... i must say I'm not enjoying the 13 hr days, but overall I feel that things are moving forward...Its very strange to look at my life in the last five years and see so much growth, so much experience... And recognizing how much I love my job, and I love the work that I do.
I'm excited about the future and I hope that if anything I can make good changes at work, that would be amazing, but I know because of the work I do... Sometimes things won't go the way I hope.
Other than work... I have my vehicle up and running, I'm hoping to do a test drive today, try a long distance drive and see if my vehicle can handle that. Its so strange.. my uncle RIP passed away two years ago, and in that two years... I started the process of my license and here I am with my own vehicle, and my job. I haven't had a lot of time for depression, and it's amazing...
However i can say I haven't had a lot of time for friends though either, and honestly I'd be able to count the amount of friends I have one on hand... just because I'm not the friendly trusting type. I believe that I am very guarded and that is what prevents me from great relationships. But with my job... I love about it is being able to connect with so many people and being able  to meet them has been an amazing experience.
Other than work and friends... I have no idea... Its nearly May... and with that comes a bit of depression a bit of honesty of knowing what's happened and how my life has drastically changed.. I'm definitely not the same person I was back then.. but I'm still wounded by it all.. An worst off is that I don't have anyone i can confide in.. no one that would understand this pain so that makes it a bit difficult to bring it up with anyone...

Just Keep Moving Forward

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