Tuesday, April 26, 2011

another new beginning

How do I begin with my current life and issues?

I cannot even begin to say what's going with my life and how frustrated I am with everything that's going in my life..
However Im very happy to say I feel like I'm walking a new path of greatness.. As most know I was working in Construction for such a long time, and finally an opportunity came out about working on the Downtown Eastside. Since I was kid I have always wanted to bring my greatness back to the community of the forgotten people living on the Downtown Eastside.

Although this opportunity is quite small Im starting to see the opportunities come about the future opportunities to show greatness of my life.. One question I was asked how do I associate with the Downtown Eastside. I have grown up in Vancouver and I was mostly raised on the Downtown Eastside, things like drugs and alcohol don't phase me as dangerous because I believe in people and their goodness of themselves people who have forgotten the traditions and cultures of humanity.

I was also asked how I felt about Abroginal First Nations on the Downtown Eastside, how I might have an understanding about them. I certainly do... I don't judge people by their addictions and emotional issues, everyone has a right and reason to say anything or be anyone they want to be. My main goal is to let people know that it's possible to rise from the darkness into true greatness..
I have always had my own struggle as my readers would know and sense my inability to stop self-mutilating, and stop drinking. These my struggles that I feel I could live with forever without proper help.. For those who may have had a history of cutting it's definetly something hard to let go of, and unfortunately I will forever live with scars on my arms from my own history. The true strength within me is to not be ashamed of these scars, and not allow them to control my life and define who I am... This was a struggle in my life that I have recently overcome with greatness... I can be the change I want to see in the world...

I have so much to give to the Downtown Eastside I am very excited about this job opportunity and only hope for goodness from it. I know that there will be some struggles a lot of them, and I probably won't be liked by some but by others I could be a great friend, great worker.

Im really hoping with this job that I will the opportunity to work with people Downtown because it's something I hope to one day do in the Future. I'm not certain right now what that future is but I know if I am going to be living in British Columbia than I definetly want to be working Downtown helping people and supporting them, and reaching out for them, and hopefully one day helping them get the help and treatment they need if they ever desire it so much...

Unfortunately with all things there comes a price... Due to some unfortunate events last week and some misunderstanding of my roommates, we have had to change our arrangements of our housing situation, and that means that I am now starting a new job and looking for a new place to live... So hoping that it will be something good for me and won't drown me back into the lifestyle I have fought so hard to stay away from... I need to move forward with my life no matter the circumstances and I need to believe in myself and my ability to continuously walk away from the things that are going to drown me back into a lifestyle I no longer want to see...

Well it's time to go... I have a lot left to do for the day... Im really glad I was able to write because sometimes I feel like it's the only way I hear my thoughts and know that what I'm saying is for real...

Another 24 hours

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